Capital Markets for a Digital Economy

LGO is the leading digital asset exchange for institutions. With a boutique approach we provide a suite of fully customizable services, best in class technology, and deep liquidity.

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Our products are built with a customer-obsessed approach.

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The Digital
Capital Markets

Our clients are institutions and businesses looking to buy/sell or lend/borrow digital assets. We pride ourselves in having one of the best client service in the market and being able to accompany our clients in all stages of their growth.

The LGO platform is fully electronic and support a wide range of digital assets. Clients can access our services through our APIs or our GUI.

LGO supports all tokenized assets, independently of their underlying value or the blockchain/distributed ledger used.

The LGO platform is built with the highest technological standards from traditional capital markets as well as blockchain and cryptographic technologies.

Security is at the core of our platform and our processes. We embrace regulations and are committed to working with regulators in all jurisdiction.

Historical data

The transparency of price, volume, & trade data is guaranteed through blockchain technology. We timestamp all client orders and store them in the Bitcoin blockchain. As a result, anyone can verify the orders and trades executed on LGO thanks to our transparency module, the LGO Node.