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Protecting the financial exchange infrastructure has become more difficult and costly than ever due to security risk, opacity and regulatory costs.

At LGO, we offer a global platform for agents (investors, issuers, intermediaries, buyers and sellers) to issue and exchange digital assets in a transparent, secure and decentralized way.
We use blockchain and cryptography technology to solve governance, trust, risk and intermediation issues from the ground up.


Our products

LGO for Institutional Investor

Trading Platform
Institutional Investors

LGO for Retail Investor

Trading Platform
Individual Investors

LGO Solutions, our technology

LGO Technology operated by
third-party clients.




_Hybrid Technology

LGO leverages blockchain, cryptography and traditional technologies to build an issuance and exchange platform for all digital assets.

_Global Unique Market

LGO clients can issue digital assets and transact on a single consolidated market with direct access and no transaction intermediary.

_All Digital Value

LGO supports all tokenized assets, independently of their underlying value or the blockchain/distributed ledger used.

_Provable Transparency

The need for trust is replaced with lines of code. All transactions are transparent and can be proved and verified.

_Security by design

Cryptographic secrets are stored and manipulated using hardware and multiparty security.



Transparency of price, volume, & trade data:
verify the orders and trades executed on LGO
thanks to our transparency module.

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