LGO Story

LGO is the leading institutional capital markets for digital assets. We allow our clients to buy, sell, lend and borrow cryptocurrencies, stable coins and tokenized assets.

We started with the idea that fairness and transparency in financial exchanges could be built with lines of codes. We gathered around this vision 9,000 people from 50 countries around the globe who participated in our ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in February 2018.

We believe that capital markets will transform through three technological levers:

  • Automation
    of all processes through strict but modifiable business logic embedded in code.
  • Full digitization
    of the whole chain of value transfer with new technologies like blockchain and tokenization.
  • Openness
    through the use of external APIs, that clients can use to automate their business or that third-party operators can use to build their own product.

We are accompanying the evolution of markets, starting with the largest tokenized asset class: cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.


LGO is a laureate of the French Tech 120, which gathers the 120 most promising companies in France.

LGO Team

The People who make LGO

Building our team around a diversity of backgrounds, genders, generations, skills, and opinions is not only the right thing to do - it is our main strength. Discover the team behind LGO’s success.

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LGO Token

The LGO Token[1] was issued in March 2018 by LGO Exchange SAS, a French-based entity. LGOs were bought by more than 9,000 persons in more than 50 countries for a total amount of 3,600 Bitcoins during our Initial Coin Offering in February 2018.

The LGO is a utility token:

  • Clients can access discounts by holding LGO tokens
  • LGOs can be used to pay for services on our platform
  • A portion of the fees collected by LGO will be used to buy back and burn LGO tokens

ICO Whitepaper

Buy LGO Token

The LGO token is listed on the LGO platform and on iDex.

Fee rebates

LGO token holders have access to fee rebates on the platform. The current fee schedule[2] is :

Bracket 30D Volume[3] 30D Average LGO token balance Maker Fees Taker Fees
2 <30m$ or <100,000 LGO 0.00% 0.10%
1 >30m$ or >100,000 LGO 0.00% 0.05%

Buy & Burn

We will be repurchasing and burning tokens equal to 25% of the net operating margin generated by cryptocurrency trading on the LGO Spot Market.

Burn transactions

Month Amount (LGO) Tx ID
April 2020 234,443 0xeb...433
March 2020 222,466 0xeb...433
February 2020 192,405.13 0x69...c92
January 2020 76,064 0x54...563
December 2019 0 N/A
November 2019 62,371.57 0xe0...32e
October 2019 66,177.56 0x1a...805
September 2019 83,030.47 0x24...549
August 2019 226,952.18 0x09...256

  1. LGO Token is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions. If you are located in, incorporated or otherwise established in, or a resident of the United States of America, you are not permitted to transact in LGO Tokens. ↩︎

  2. Market Makers are not subject to the same fee schedule. LGO reserves the right to create bespoke pricing per client. The fee schedule is subject to change at the sole discretion of LGO. ↩︎

  3. Metrics are computed on the first business day of each month. ↩︎