LGO Becomes the First Euro-Zone Company That Raised Funds Through an ICO to Have Its Financial Statements Audited by PwC

LGO has set a goal of building a fully transparent, secure and fair digital asset trading platform focused on the needs of both institutional and retail investors.

With this ambition in mind, we are proud to announce that our 2018 financial statements have been audited by the Big Four audit firm PwC. By doing so, LGO becomes the first euro-zone ICO-company to be audited by PwC.

Over a period of several months, the financial statements of LGO, incorporated in France, were subject to PwC France’s auditing process.

Cryptocurrency has brought a new level of complexity to the auditing approach. One of the main challenges was to establish the ownership of cryptocurrencies and tokens which LGO (previously known as Legolas) received and created during our successful Initial Coin Offering in 2018. This was made possible thanks to the new Halo tool developed by PwC to support the auditing of cryptocurrency.

At LGO, we share the purpose of building trust and pursuing our commitment towards full transparency and innovation.

LGO has built and delivered a trading platform for digital assets with proprietary technology which is provably transparent, non-custodial and secure. The firm currently offers BTC / USD with additional pairs and currencies to be added in the future.

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