An outline of everything that happened at LGO during the month of July 2020.


  • LGO Insights: Digital Assets in South America
  • LGO Technology Explained 2/3: Performance
  • Updated Privacy Policy

Monthly Insights

Bull market! In July 2020 the price of Bitcoin finally breached the 10,000$ limit, paving the way for the start of what some foresee as the next big bull market for the industry. Meanwhile, we maintained a steady growth of our OTC activities, and saw some additional influx on our exchange due to the recent volatility. Thanks to our South American clients, we’ve had the opportunity to analyze this in more depth and share our findings with our community. Last but not least, we’ve been preparing the release of our OTC web UI and API, which should be available to our institutional clients in the course of August.

LGO Perspectives: The cryptocurrency ecosystem in South America

At LGO, we believe cryptocurrencies to be much more than speculative instruments. In fact, many tend to forget that one of the most interesting use cases for crypto is Satoshi Nakamoto’s initial promise; a payment system. In today’s financial system, payment systems, specifically for cross border and remittance services are tremendously inefficient. Innovations in the crypto space leverage blockchain technology to provide more efficient solutions for individuals and businesses to exchange value across the world. Our research teams at LGO have written a full report on the cryptocurrency ecosystem in South America, as well as the inefficiencies of correspondent banking that crypto is looking to solve. If you would like to read more, the first edition of the “LGO Insights” series can be found here.

LGO Technology Explained (2/3): Performance

We are happy to announce the release of the second part of the “LGO Tech” series. Last month we revealed the platform’s functioning and the design choices implemented by our Technology team to allow for a fully operational and efficient exchange platform. As we have said, we believe our technology to be one of our greatest assets and we enjoy sharing our decisions with our community so you can fully appreciate our technological platform’s true worth.

Read the 2nd part of the LGO Technology Explained series here.

Updated Privacy Policy

As part of our continued commitment to privacy and transparency, we have made some changes to our Privacy Policy to clarify how we work to protect your sensitive data and comply with applicable data protection laws. Under this new policy, we hope to better serve you and grow our range of services and products. The new policy will go into effect on August 10, 2020 and apply across all of LGO’s businesses, including use of the LGO website. Your use of any of our services or products after this date will be subject to the updated policy so make sure you review it carefully. We remain at your disposal to answer any questions about the changes or our privacy practices in general. Please feel free to contact us by emailing

DashPay Partnership: Empowering A Global Crypto Remittance And Payment Rails Network

As a leading institutional trading platform, LGO not only aims to serve its clients globally but also to actively participate in expanding the current cross-border payment network through blockchain-based solutions. Through our OTC platform, Dash holders will gain access to deep liquidity, competitive prices and industry-best customer services. This partnership will reinforce Dash’s position as the leading digital cash for individuals and businesses around the world. Ultimately, this enables Dash and LGO to better compete against traditional remittance systems. More here.

In the Media this month

LGO was featured in the press several times this month! Hear from our CEO and more in the featured press releases below.


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