A curated recap of everything that happened at LGO over the last month!


  • Liquidity rewards
  • OTC Platform
  • Token Utility (OTC)

Lots of new things in August for LGO, our clients and our tokenholders!

We’ve been busy delivering a new product to our institutional clients: the LGO OTC platform. After several months of voice and chat trading, our clients can now trade OTC with us through a web UI and an API, 24/7/365. Following this release, we’ve added new utility to the LGO token by adding a buyback and burn mechanism of 25% of our OTC profits. Last but not least, we’ve started the $LGO Liquidity Rewards Program on August 27th. Liquidity providers on the Uniswap v2 liquidity pool can now earn $LGO rewards until September 26th.

$LGO Liquidity Rewards Program

We’ve closely monitored how the DeFi space has been evolving for the past few months and have identified opportunities to create more value for our token holders by participating in this market. Liquidity mining pools and yield farming have been booming since the start of the summer. We took a step in that direction with the launch of our liquidity rewards program. So far, so good... liquidity on the token has grown from zero to practically half a million dollars in a few hours, trading volume on the $LGO token has increased by 1,300% in 24 hours, and the $LGO token price has increased by more than 50%. You can farm LGO tokens by staking UNI-LP tokens here - and by doing so earn a competitive yield on your LGO tokens!

If you want to participate, here’s how.

Release of the LGO OTC Platform

Major milestone in LGO’s journey this month with the release of our second product integrated with our spot exchange: the OTC platform available to our institutional clients. Trading on our RFQs 24/7/365 and post trade settlement with deep liquidity and low slippage has never been easier! Our robust, versatile and institutional-grade platform has never been down in 18 months, since the very start of our spot exchange. Our aim is no different with our OTC platform, and we will deliver! More here.

Updated LGO Tokenomics - OTC activities

Another major update that strengthens our commitment towards our token community and our institutional client base is the extension of the LGO token economics to our OTC activities. More specifically, we will buy back and burn LGO tokens worth 25% of the trading profits generated on our OTC platform, on a monthly basis. More details in our dedicated blog post.

In the media this month

LGO was featured in the press several times this month! Hear from our CEO and more in the featured press releases below.


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