Introducing the LGO Financing Services

LGO clients can now access a wide variety of financing and lending options on a panel of digital assets and fiat currencies. LGO clients can use these currencies to trade on the LGO spot exchange or pursue other investment opportunities.

Assets supported include BTC, XRP, USDT as well as stablecoins such as PAX, USDC and US dollar.

We offer flexibility on maturity (from 3 months to 1 year) and loan type (fixed and open term, revolving, etc)

Loan Overview

  • All loan sizes must be greater than 100,000$
  • All loans can be collateralized with either BTC, USDC, PAX, TUSD or US Dollar
  • All loan interest rates are market competitive
  • All loans typically mature within 3 months to a year

Accessing our Financing and Lending services

Loans are now available for eligible institutional clients only.

If you are an LGO institutional client looking to set up a Term Loan or a Revolving Loan with a size upwards of 100,000$ , please contact your LGO account representative or open an account!