LGO Solutions offers a suite of hardware and software products for digital asset issuance, trading and custody.

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Create additional revenues for your company and new services for your clients by managing your own trading ecosystem.

We offer a white-labeled trading platform for any kind of digital assets. Our solution is hassle-free: the platform is built and hosted by LGO on your behalf.

  • Price Formation: Choose the price formation mechanism on your Trading Platform  (Central Limit Order Book - Auctions - Request for Quotes)

  • Execution Engine: Orders are matched on our fully redundant and high-performance execution engine (>1m transactions per second)

  • Admin Platform: Client’s positions, holdings and operations are managed through a dedicated Admin Platform by your operations / administrative team.

  • Dedicated GUI / Rest API: Your clients can trade on a dedicated GUI or Rest API.

  • Fees and Assets: You choose the fees and assets to list on your Trading Platform.

  • Global Liquidity Service: Build liquidity instantly, by connecting your Trading Platform to the global liquidity of LGO clients

  • Provable Transparency: Use the LGO transparency module to provide a transparent and fair trading ecosystem to your clients.

GUI and Order Book

Admin Platform

→ Use cases:

  • Create a digital asset exchange from scratch with LGO’s turnkey solution

  • Offer trading services to your existing client base

  • Create liquidity on your own tokens and assets. Implement buy-back mechanisms

  • Define pricing mechanisms on certain assets such as auctions, order books and RFQs

  • Create an additional revenue source for your business

  • Connect to other LGO clients’ global liquidity to increase your trading business


Tokenize any kind of asset seamlessly and communicate with your investors through the LGO Digital Asset Issuance Platform.

LGO provides the infrastructure which allows you to onboard your investors, receive their payments, manage referrals and broker incentives and generate and distribute your tokens. The platform interacts with your token, and is completely blockchain agnostic.

  • Dedicated Web App: Interact with your purchasers directly through a dedicated web application

  • Multi-User Interface (Investor, Broker, Issuer): Manage different levels of authentication for investors, brokers, administrators, and team members

  • Referral Management: incentivize introducing brokers to refer other investors for your token with a referral management tool  

  • Wallet generation: automatically create individual wallets to collect investors’ payments

  • Universal token support: issue any kind of token on the LGO digital issuance platform (ERC20, ERC 1400, ST20, T-REX, etc)

  • Token Distribution: automatize the distribution of your tokens to clients’ pre-whitelisted addresses.

  • Global Liquidity Service: Build demand for your token instantly, by connecting your Issuance Platform to the global liquidity of LGO clients

Token Issuance Platform (Investor view)


→ Use cases:

  • Issue your own token through an ICO or STO

  • Issue tokenized assets (stable coins, tokenized securities, etc)

  • Manage the operations linked to the issuance of your token on one central platform


Onboard clients, investors, and counterparties seamlessly with the LGO KYC/AML platform.

Design your own KYC/AML process or choose amongst a list of pre-set options to manage your counterparties in compliance with your jurisdiction. Streamline your onboarding process by automating most of the KYC and AML processes and by mutualizing them with other LGO clients.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML): identify all customers and counterparties and make sure that they are compliant with AML jurisdictions

  • Transactional AML: verify the origin of your client’s funds

  • Connection to third-party vendors: choose whichever KYC/AML provider you want to work with and integrate them seamlessly to the LGO KYC/AML Platform

  • Bespoke level of KYC/AML: choose your own level of KYC/AML based on your requirements

  • Global Liquidity Service: Share KYC/AML requirements with other LGO clients to leverage the liquidity of the broader LGO network

→ Use cases:

  • Onboard clients at low cost and high speed

  • Comply with international jurisdictions

  • Join a network of counterparties sharing the same level of KYC/AML


Store digital assets with the highest level of security by using a full hardware private key management system for you or your clients.

Share the custody of digital assets with your clients and lower your counterparty risk. Implement a fully hardware based security infrastructure.

  • Multisignature Wallet infrastructure: Mitigate counterparty risk by using a multisignature wallet infrastructure

  • Trading and Storage Wallets: Build trading and storage wallets with trusted third parties to offer your clients a safe trading and custody environment

  • Smartcard technology: Offer and use the highest security standards for private key storage and management with LGO’s smartcard-based technology

  • Trusted Third Party integration: Integrate with a trusted third party to manage the joint custody of your client’s assets

  • Multilateral on-chain settlement of transactions: gain speed, efficiency and lower costs when settling transactions on-chain by using multilateral settlement transactions

→ Use cases:

  • Create a custody solution with a full hardware wallet solution

  • Offer your clients a secure delivery vs payment infrastructure of digital assets



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