By trading on our spot exchange, institutional clients can access:

  • Tightest and deepest liquidity in the BTC/USD spot market partnership with 7 of the 10 most established liquidity providers in the space (liquidity analysis available upon request)
  • Dedicated client service 24/7 support, customized features per client, direct access to account managers across all departments
  • Institutional grade technology 1m+ transactions per second, high redundancy, unique approach using the blockchain to solve governance and trust.

Exchange Key Facts

Trading hours 24/7 24/7 24/7
Minimum order size $10 $1 $10
Tick size $0.1 $0.0001 $0.0001
Order types Market, Limit Market, Limit Market, Limit
Withdrawal windows Eastern Standard Time: 4am - 10am - 4pm Eastern Standard Time: 4am - 10am - 4pm Eastern Standard Time: 4am - 10am - 4pm

API Documentation
Download the LGO Desktop App
Delayed Order Book view

Connectivity and Market Access

Desktop App (GUI) Rest API and Websocket Command Line Interface (CLI) Web UI
Download the LGO Desktop App API Documentation Available upon request Coming Soon

Trading Fees

Bracket 30D Volume 30D Average LGO token balance Maker Fees Taker Fees
2 <30m$ or <100,000 LGO 0.00% 0.10%
1 >30m$ or >100,000 LGO 0.00% 0.05%

Funding Options

Our clients can trade on the LGO Spot Exchange with different funding options.

Eligible clients can trade using a Daily Credit Facility: a secure, scalable, and flexible financing option with low opportunity cost to our client base. This is a first in the industry!

  • Low opportunity cost: trade with 10-30% collateral on a spot market
  • Secure: limited counterparty exposure due to the post-trade settlement feature and our counterparty vetting system
  • Flexible: pay interest on funds used only
Prefunding Daily Credit Facility
All Clients Eligible Clients Only
All trades are 100% prefunded.Deposit funds to the trading wallet and they will be instantaneously available for trading. Trade on credit with 10-30% of collateral. Settle post trade once a day. Learn more here.

Margin Trading coming soon

Market Microstructure

Orders on the LGO spot exchange are executed by batch, in less than a second. Within a batch, orders are executed on a price-time priority.

This has 2 impacts for LGO clients:

  • The order book gets updated periodically rather than on an order by order basis
  • Regardless of their infrastructure, clients have access to the same latency

Rather than being updated with every trade, the LGO order book is updated by batch. High, medium and low-frequency traders have access to the same information feedback regardless of their technical infrastructure. This is the basis of a global market, with fair and direct market access for all types of investors.

Learn more about our order batching mechanism and our transparency module here

Historical Data

LGO is a demonstrably transparent platform: our historical data is backed up by timestamped proofs of orders. You can learn more about our transparency module on the LGO Node.

Historical Trading Data