We are building essential new pieces of tomorrow’s capital market technical infrastructure. LGO is at the forefront of financial innovation and is supported by a top-tier scientific team of about 20 people.

Bridging two Technological Fields

Our technology is a bridge - in terms of tools and processes - between traditional financial markets and the ecosystem of digital assets. We are offering a new technological standard for the exchange of financial assets.

LGO hybrid technology

High Performance and High Availability

The low number of exchange platforms technology standards is a good indicator of the difficulty inherent in the design, production and operational aspects of this type of products.

As a matter of fact, the cumulative constraints associated with this type of project lead to an exponential complexity associated with their design and significant research efforts.

We have designed a matching engine which operates under a dual constraints:

  • Availability, as measured in the number of elements processed per second by our matching engine
  • Performance, associated with the latency time (a few milliseconds) allowed for order processing.

Our systems are able to operate in near real time with unparalleled performance and availability metrics.

To do so, we have implemented complex strategies associated with the scaling up of this type of system. The execution model of a trading platform prevents traditional strategies of increasing the number of computing units (scaling up horizontally), and forces us to use new solutions, such as the Hydra platform.

High Availability High Performance
1 million / second 13 milliseconds
Transaction throughput Average Latency

24/7 Reliability and Resilience

The reliability of our platform (operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in dozens of countries around the globe) is a critical and complex aspect.

We monitor our systems in real time with an autonomous, real-time active incident response system. This supervision system allows us to detect and correct a potential failure before it occurs. Coupled with our high-performance architecture, this allows us to offer one of the most resilient trading platform in the market.

To date, we manage more than 110 Terabytes of data. The amount of data generated by our clients and our systems has to be processed and quantified faster than it is produced. Our high performance market data gateway ensures the reliability of the outputs of our systems in all conditions.

Provable Transparency and Public Audit Trail

We believe that transparency issues in financial markets can be solved with technology.

To this end, we’ve built the LGO Node: a public proof sequencer that allows us to demonstrate the transparency of all the trading activity which happens on the LGO platform.

LGO is today the only digital asset exchange that can prove the complete
transparency of trading data.

Details of implementation
Auditable proof of trading activity

Public proof sequencer technlogy

Unparalleled Modularity and Flexibility

LGO is built with a platform as a service approach, through modular software design and architecture. This gives us the possibility to reconfigure our different components at will in order to offer tailored products to our partners very quickly.

What’s more, with the dissociation of our execution system from our digital asset settlement layer, our platform can adapt to any kind of asset - as long as they’re tokenized and supported by a blockchain.